Slick new tool to check & fix bullet run out from Hornady.


Mar 11, 2001
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Slick new tool to check & fix bullet run out from Hornady. Works on factory ammo too, shrink your groups down.


[/URL]From chicoredneck on Calguns.

I purchased one of these a while ago to measure and correct bullet run out on hand loads. I decided to try it on factory ammo the other day to see if I could not improve it's perfromance. Bullet run out is a major cause of inaccuracy or inconsistent ammo.

The factory 95gr BST and XP3 ammo for the 243WSSM shoots very well typically, but I occasionally have fliers with it that open a 1/3" group up into a 1" group. The last box of XP3 ammo I bought had terrible accuracy compared to what I had seen in the past. I had some fliers landing 2 or more inches outside of my group. A run throught the concentricity guage confirmed my suspicions of very bad bullet run out, as much as .006". Using the very simple built in run out corrector on the Hornady tool I was able to straighten the ammo to within .0025" or under. Afterwards, I was back to shooting 1/3" groups consitently even with the bad run of ammo I had pruchased.

For you guys that hunt and want more perfromance out your ammo, but do not hand load, this is a great tool to improve your factory ammo. Not only can you sort your ammo for the rounds with the least run out, but you can also fix the bad ones. Run out over .003 can cause groups to open up somewhat. Run out over .004-.005, which is common in factory ammo, will cause poor accuracy. In only a few minutes you can check and correct a box of 20 and have yourself some great factory ammo.

I ran this ammo out to 800 yards the other day and was able to hit a plate sized target consitently. This is with factory ammo! Pretty cool to be able to do that with a factory hunting load, I thought.

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