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Snake break/avoidance


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Had my new pup out to Prado for the second time in here life and she ran right past and around a big rattler and came home with a tic I found engorged a couple days later.

I'm not going back until I get her snake "broken".

Seems to me from a limited amount of research, the old "show em a rattler then shock the hell out of them" seems to be not the style, and this guy in Arizona Web Parton has the dogs spend a couple hours on it with a little milder feedback. But he's only in Arizona. My older dog definitely got the zapper set on 100 for her training.

Who to use? Who to contact?

Thanks in advance.



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Call WD dog training 951-823-6864 they snake broke all the labs in my Kennel. what field were you in? The problem is that the people that curently have the lease wont alow anyone to shoot the thousands of ground squirrels running around the place. Lots of squirrels means lots of food for snakes and lots of holes for dogs to break a leg in


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I don't know how to identify the field other than behind the campground area? If you drove down off the hill, then made a right at the tee it's the first field on the right. Back up where it hits the edge/hill that leads up to the highway. Big snake. Thankfully it was noisy and the dog didn't see it, so I heard it and gtfo of there.

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