Oct 23, 2001
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I hunted at the Tule Lake Spaced Blinds this saturday and sunday and scored a total of 6 birds all weekend. They were surrounding the closed zone next to the A unit. The first day we hunted we hunted A-4 and got 1 but we would be in the right spot the next day. So sunday we came and setup at A-3 and it didnt take long for the snows to get off their buts and fly from the very close sump 1a and start working the closed zone. The first birds to arrive were the specs coming from the south. They flew over us and worked a little but went and landed a 100 yards away. Then the snows came and worked the closed zone. But the specs and snows kept getting up and landing closer and closer. Finally the came right over we had a bunch of specs land in our decoys before and all around so there were birds nearby chanting the other geese to come in. Finally we had the shot the whole flock was over us we dropped only on sadly but a minute later after fetching the bird they all landed but due to the snows eating all the barely in the closed zone they got up and headed our way again. This time we dropped 2. Then a couple minutes later 5 snows came dropping in within 10 yards and still I cant believe we only dropped 2 more. A flock came flying by that some other guys shot at and we shot at them but didnt get nothing. Then a couple flew over just on the edge of shotgun range and I finished our limit. A limit of snows wow! I never killed a limit of snows before and only killed a couple before but never like this.
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