So-called Honduran "coup"


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Mar 26, 2001
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As some of you know, I spent 3 months in Honduras a couple years back building an orphanage with my in-laws. It's a beautiful country with beautiful people who love Americans. Our government's alignment with leftist gov'ts like Columbia, Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador, etc. will have a lasting impression on these people. Many American missionaries are leaving Honduras in fear of their lives. Below is a letter I received from a contact in Honduras.


To my dear friends and family,

I am proud to be Honduran. I am very proud to be Honduran. Every time
I hear my national anthem and see that blue and white flag with its
five stars flying in the air, I cannot help but to get chill bumps.
Whenever God blesses me with the opportunity to visit the land of
Lempira (our indigenous hero ) I rejoice at the blue skies, the
greener grass and the fresher air.

Like myself, millions on Honduras live outside our motherland.
Although far away, one victory of national team, one wavering flag,
one tortilla with beans or even a familiar song reminds us how lucky
and blessed we are to be born in Honduras.

Yesterday was a historical day in my country. Honduras will no longer
be the same. Manuel Zelaya Rosales was arrested and taken from his
house in the middle of the night by over 100 military men and was
forced out of the country and sent to exile in Costa Rica. Many of his
cabinets members are either in jail or captive in military bases. The
democratically elected president has been sent to exile.
For everyone unaware of the causes behind the political uproar that
has taken place, the actions of the Honduran political and military
leaders may be perceived as a barbaric act that is uncompressible in a
free democratic nation.

Today I ask myself, what do the leaders of the so called free world
know about democracy in my country? What do they know about what
really happened on June 28th, 2009 in the Republic of Honduras?

Let me attempt to explain the circumstances that led to the coup. The
former president, was elected three and half years ago and appeared to
have, at least on paper, a respectable agenda. Over the years it
became clear that his agenda, "a crusade to fight for the poor" was
nothing but a mockery of the 70% of our Honduran brothers and sisters
who live in poverty. He became best friends with Hugo Chavez, Fidel
Castro (Cuba), Rafael Correa (Ecuador), Daniel Ortega (Nicaragua) and
Evo Morales (Bolivia). These men, so called left wing leaders, are a
disgrace to the true meaning of the political left and use their
populist agendas to promote themselves and keep control of the
government for years. They claim to fight for the people and use
shallow rhetoric to enrich themselves and change their constitutions
to be endlessly reelected for generations to come. They are,
ironically, the mirror replica of the horrendous right leaders that
use their power and military force to suppress the will of the people
during most of the last century.

So in an attempt to stay in power Zelaya, are former president, called
a referendum to establish a constitutional assembly that would rewrite
the constitution. The act was declared illegal by the Supreme Court as
only Congress can call for a constitutional assembly. Congress and the
Attorney General agreed with the court. Social, religious and business
leaders feared he wanted to change the constitution to allow
reelection and continue in power. His followers were nothing more than
paid activist who were trying to make a living from protesting Even
though the courts and every other branch of government had declared
the referendum unconstitutional, he vowed to move forward.
Peaceful protests gathering thousands occurred across the country in
defense of democracy and our constitution. Zelaya ignored them. The
military refused to support the referendum as it could not obey an
illegal order and he fired the top ranking military leaders. The
Supreme Court reinstated them because they were fired without cause.
As tensions escalated, the Supreme Court ordered the military to
arrest Zelaya the day of the referendum because he was carrying out an
illegal actions that violated the constitution and threaten democracy

So now Obama, Hillary Clinton, the American Ambassador in Honduras,
the European Union, the Organization of American States and many
nations have condemned the actions that took place that glorious day
of June 28th. They claim constitutional order needs to be
reestablished and Zelaya must be reinstated. They demand that the man
who had broken our own constitution and many other laws be reinstated
to save democracy? They ask that the man who has no respect for our
democracy and our government institutions have his position back for
the good of the nation? Obama can be a great president of the US and
be a scholar in American constitutional law, but he knows nothing
about Honduran law to comment on the legality of the events.

These leaders do not comprehend our country. They do not see poverty
day in and day out. They have not been around to hear what this
disgraceful "leader" has been doing for the past three and half years.
He has ruled the country based on a personal agenda that is not in
sync with national interest. Crimes rates are through the roof, drug
trafficking has escalated, poverty is on the rise, thousands are
unemployed, education is lacking and the list problems seems unending.
Instead of focusing on national threats, he is worried about
befriending Chavez and changing the constitution to continue in power.
I have never been as proud of my country. The military did not throw
the president out, they simply followed a Court Order. Congress, in
its constituonally given power, unanimously voted to remove him from
office and appointed his successor based on the lawful chain of
succession. Our democratic institutions have never adhered so closely
to the law as they did last Sunday. Finally our leaders grew enough
balls to respect our own laws and said: "No more, not this time."

This is not a military take over as the world media is trying to
portray it. Believe me, I have never been a fan of military
involvement in my country, but I have gained a deep respect for them.
The international community is urging us to respect democracy.
Honduras has done exactly what they ask. We have spoken and will not
tolerate idiotic behavior from a so called president. The day Hugo
Chavez, Clinton and gang know what it is to be Honduran and live in
our country, then they can open their mouth about what constitutional
order means in Honduras. The day they open our constitution and see
that everything was done according to the law, then they can comment.

June 28th, 2009 was indeed a historical day. It was a turning point in
which hopefully we will show the world that maybe a small eight
million people third world country can solve its own political
problems and they must respect our will. How will it all unfold?
Nobody knows. What I do know is that Hondurans woke up full of hope
this morning.

Maximiliano Carranza
Republic of Honduras -Free, Sovereign and Independent


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Jul 3, 2005
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ElCazador- Thanks for giving us a perspective that our screwed up media is too lazy and stupid to figure out. I have heard a lot about this lately and it sounds to me like your country did the right thing. They ousted some power monger to save their constitution and preserve the freedoms their country has had for decades. We in America may have to do the same thing and the people that are trying to tear down OUR Constitution are the same people that are siding with the power monger you ousted. It is no wonder they side with him. They are doing the same thing in my country and tearing down the Constitution that has made my country so magnificent. I pray that your country elects the right man to make this fight worth the effort and keep your country a country of the people and not the power mongers. The fact that your ex President was tight with Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, tells me that he does not have the interest of the people at heart. History proves that these guys are not good for their people. The fact that my government can not see this and publically support the people, saddens me. Let the people elect a leader, and then they like us in my country will suffer the consequences or reap the benefits of the actions of that leader. Honduras will be in my prayers brother.


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Nov 26, 2001
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Tell Maximiliano that not all of us here agree with the d-bag in the Oval office.


Mar 11, 2001
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We need to do that here in the US. Send em packing and close the airport when the weasels try and sneak back in.

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