So I was hit by a bus this morning.


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Nov 26, 2001
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Headed for a couple of appointments this morning. Nice rainy weather. Was sitting at the intersection waiting on the light.
Just as the light is starting to cycle I hear this ominous sound of something large trying to stop behind me. Hear a thump as the truck was popped forward a couple feet. Look in the rear-view and see a large blue doggy. Pull into the nearest parking lot and the bus follows me in. he was barely moving when he bumped me and the damage on the truck was hard to find. Really didn't get me all that much.

All in all, no biggy, just exchanged the insurance info and got a case number from the police.

Maybe I did get hit harder than I thought. But this was on the back of the bus and considering what had just happened I thought it was kinds funny.


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