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Jun 24, 2002
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Just ran up to June Lake and played with the Etrex Legend.  Had a lot of fun.  
Bought the MapSource topo program, which I loaded up while driving up 395.  I prefer Topo USA by Delorme or TOPO!   Those programs are better at detail area work.

    I did not like the fact that to download the program to the unit, you had to use pre-assigned areas.  I.E.  for June Lake, I had to load the Yosemite area map.  It does not go on the other side of 395, so I will have to load the area to the East of that section.  Doing the sections below Bishop, I wanted to load more of a vertical slice of map, but could only load a horizonal section. So, I had to eat up space with detail areas that I do not need.  
    Still, overall, I enjoy using the unit and the program.  Need more "play" time using the programs.  I have some "waypoints" that I need to put on my other topo programs.
But I did average 59.1 miles per hour of 'moving speed' and traveled 395 miles coming home.  I did program the Lat and Long cord. for Bishop while driving up, but the waypoint was off by 22 miles.  those 'waypoints' that I did set while driving were pretty close.  The Waypoint for Reverse Creek I set off the Mapsource program was only slightly off (>100').  Other topo programs might have a better Lat/Long system or more acurate.  I need to verify the info I had with my other programs.
     Fishing Sat. morning on Rush Creek, the unit was right on (within the 34' it claimed as being acurate for that location).
     Batteries:   I will definately get the auto-jack.  Used a lot of battery juice driving with the unit.  In the field, use would be less, but driving at night with all the whistles and bells going,(had the back-light on driving down)  it can suck up juice.
     Just a few observations using the unit or any GPS unit for the first time.  I need to practice more with the unit.  On that note, If you are planning to get any GPS unit, get it before the season starts,  it may distract you from the scouting or hunting while trying to play with the unit.


Mar 13, 2001
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Yeah, they are pretty neat little toys.  On eating up the batteries, I take mine off map display mode when I'm traveling.  The continuous refresh eats the batteries up.  I just go back to it when I need to.


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