Socal Fish report 7/2/08


Mar 11, 2001
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By Terrence Berg and Phil Friedman

WINDS ADVISORY: Winds have plagued sportboats all along the coast this week with high seas and generally rough conditions. The forecast is for the winds to continue through the weekend into next week, so be prepared for swell and chop. It hasn’t ruined the fishing, but it has made fishing more difficult.
ALBACORE AND EXOTICS UPDATE: There has been scattered success on the albacore and tuna front this week, mostly due to the variable, windy weather. There are lots of albacore, bluefin, bonito, and even some yellowfin out there in this first wave of fish, some reported as close as nine miles. There are even albacore in U.S. waters with fish in waters just off San Clemente Island. Skippers making these overnight runs for the longfins are also reporting a few yellowtail on kelp paddies, but not many have been on the bite.
CATALINA AND CLEMENTE NEWS: San Clemente Island continues to kick out a few white seabass and yellowtail for anglers making the long run to this island. When the seabass and yellows aren’t cooperating, the calico bass action has been very good. Winds have really hampered this bite, however, and made the ride over and back nasty. Catalina Island has been a mixed bag on the white seabass. Some boat skippers are finding fish and getting three-fish limits for everyone on board, and other boats are coming home empty. This has been a live squid bite. There are also a lot of calicos are Catalina, but most are shorts.
NEARSHORE BARRACUDA: Half-day and three-quarter day boats fishing near shore waters from Newport and Huntington Beach south into San Diego waters are starting to see more and more barracuda on the surface taking bait and iron. The barracuda are often sitting over sand bass, and skippers taking the time and effort to put anglers on the fish are reporting a pretty good bite, especially at mid-week.
CHANNEL ISLANDS UPDATE: There continues to be scattered success on white seabass in the Channel Islands. If you’re on the right boat, the catch is two or three fish per person, but if you miss, you still get a few calicos, the odd barracuda, and a limit of rockfish.
LONG RANGE UPDATE: Most of the multi-day boats are heading to Cedros Island and focusing on yellowtail. A bad day is 20 to 30 fish for anglers on these boats, and a good day if 50 to 60 fish in 10 minutes. The trips are generally long enough you always see at least a couple of those good days. These boats are also getting a piece of the tuna action going or coming down the coast.
INSTRUCTIONAL CHARTERS: The staff of 976-TUNA and Shimano host instructional charters throughout the year, offering beginning anglers or veterans advice and on-the-water teaching of techniques for different saltwater species. The next trip is a 3/4-day limited load trip on Friday, July 11, aboard the Icon out of Long Beach Sportfishing. This trip will target surface species and the cost is $50. For more information on upcoming Shimano/976-TUNA instructional charters, call 310-328-8426.

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