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SoCal - Need Holster - 4" Ruger Security Six .357 Mag


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Hey Guys,

Can you recommend an all-day-hunting comfortable holster for the Ruger Security Six in 4" barrell?

I want to carry my Bear Spray, my BUCK 622 Fixed Blade, and my .357.

Right now the BUCK and Bear Spray just hang off my cotton BASICS Clothing store adjustable belt on my Right-Hand side. (I'm Right-Handed)

I don't think I want anything else going on the belt that holds up my pants. I've employed some Carhartt suspenders and they work great for helping to relieve the weight from causing that only 1" high belt from digging into my hip like it was.

I was thinking a cross-draw holster of somekind would be the ticket here. I'm thinking one which places the revolver on the side of my ribs would be ideal to prevent it from clacking against my binos hanging from center. Or...perhaps there is a cross-draw complete belt holster which I would use in-place-of my standard Dickies-style belt?

I'm bothering to ask amongst you all because I'd hate to go thru buying several holsters before finally finding one that's comfortable and provides rapid deployment. The idea being that it will hold a backup sidearm when hunting deer or bear.

Also... if you could steer me toward some online retailers, or know of retailers local to Orange County, CA which you think might have what I'm after... please tell a brutha where to go :)


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So... the two straps that go around the thigh don't irritate? I assume they are there to help make it so the loop over the belt doesn't have to hold all the weight?


Right, they do not interfere with your movement if adjusted correctly and they help to take some load off your belt.
If you were close to BA, i'd let you try mine.


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Oh well... just clicked the "Place Order" button. Crossing my fingers that Condor one fits comfortably.

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