For Sale SOLD: 2013 RH Mathews Monster Chill w/2 sets limbs (60# & 70#) $700 TYD ConUS

Nom de Guerre

Apr 28, 2013
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I'm selling my Mathews 2013 Monster Chill, bare bow + peep, with 2 sets of limbs: 60 lb (adjustable 50# - 60#), and 70 lb (adjustable 60# - 70#).
Currently the bow is setup for 53# with DL = 29" Peep height is set to 3 3/4"

Purchased in April of 2013, and used occasionally and always well cared for. The bow is clean, without scratches, and I've only shot a couple hundred arrows with it.

I'm only selling because I bought a 2014 Creed, and I'm actually mostly shooting Trad for the last many months anyway, only occasionally taking a compound out.


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