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Jul 15, 2001
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I made my game camera with the Jameco solenoid and came up with an adjustable height bracket that is easy to make and sturdy.

I started with a package of 3"x.75" corner braces from Walmart.  Put a brace in a vise and with a sabre saw using a metal cutting blade, carefully lengthen the holes on one side into  slots, removing metal on the side away from the bend in the brace.  Do the same with a second brace. Now put the two together to form a C with the modified sides overlaping.  Fasten together with two 1/4-20 1/2" bolts.  With the bolts loose, you can adjust the distance between the top and bottom of the bracket.

Position the bracket on the camera and mark the location of the tripod mount socket.  You will want to drill the hole towards the front edge of the bracket.  Fasten the bracket to the camera and line it up.  Mark above the center of the shutter button on the top of the bracket.  Remove the bracket, take it apart and drill the hole for the solenoid.  I didn't have a drill bit large enough for the solenoid hole, so I used what I had and enlarged the hole with my sabre saw.  I put a piece of electrical tape on the bracket where the camera rests to help hold it in place. Assemble, attach to the camera and raise or lower the solenoid as needed, then tighten the bolts.

I also used my sabre saw to cut the holes in my ammo can, with a piece of 2x4 to brace it while cutting.  

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