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Mar 11, 2001
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Kurt Miller from Lawrenceville GA and his cam. Kurt writes, This cam uses a Canon Sureshot BF, RS sensor, and 7.62 ammo can. The LED is
mounted behind the frenzel lens. I just modified an Canon  Owl PF Date that will go in the next time I check the cam. The front half of the
RS sensor was JB Welded to the can, while aquarium silicon sealant seals the frenzel lens, eye bolts, and glass ports.

Mike Bailey from Wichita  KS sent in this bobcat. I love the cat pics.

A turkey from Mike.

2 does from Mike.

and lastly from Mike again, a pic that would make any turkey hunter wet his pants.

Thanks to Mike and Kurt for sharing their pics.

These pics are also up on the homebrew pics webpage.

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