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somebody! generate some movement in this couse section.


gah..we need to knock down a couse..anyone!!

i'm heading out manana, for my attempt. right now, i am full of that CAN-DO attitude..5 days of desert hiking might crush my spirit..hahah..

anyone else? that last thread here is from 2012..right.?
those damn little cows deer have been on my mind lately, I need to seriously start thinking about making a trip, or joining someone.

Best of luck!
I hunted Sonora when Regan was in office, I hunted really close to the ranch Regan hunted, and only once, one day, hunted the actual ranch he hunted. I can not speak for the area today, as that was many years ago, but I can tell you this, for the time I hunted the area I hunted, you could not find better coues or javelina hunting anywhere. Cant-hit-um, from my experience, that video is down playing that ranch. I can tell you, that back in the day, the area just produced a whole lot of trophy animals, and even the clumsiest hunter could find plenty of deer, but if you didn't know what you were doing, you'd see nothing but a bunch of white tails bouncing away, far far away. The last time I checked, a Mexico hunt would about clean me out; but I sure would like to be hunting there again.


a day later..i found THREE big eight pointers. HUGE!! just about to plan an approach when the valley went up in a panic. mulie doe charged down towards.the danger i couldnt see..and ran back. i think a cougar killed a black white calf. i mean the valley flushed!! two days later..three cowboys on riding mules walked 18 hounddogs with radio collars criscross around the vally. blew up that hunting range. i couldnt catch up to them to ask..they did wave at me. i did find one cat track.
Sancho, your killing me. I'm sitting here with the flu and a slight sore throat, nursing on a shot of Kaniche XO. I would sooo rather be there.

Lots of cats roaming that country. Hindsight is, well you know, someone should have sat on that carcass.

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