Well I've been interviewing for jobs in Oregon, Idaho and now Washington..... Have an opportunity to interview for a good job (excellent pay) in Spokane but I'm hearing mixed reviews on the city and I don't know anything about hunting/fishing in the area. I'm moving from a rural town in Southern California and work in the San bernardino ghetto.... Just concerned Id be moving from "bad" to "just as bad" . Obviously I would not be living in the actual city, just working there and living on a large property, hopefully more than 10 acres, on the outskirts. Any information would be appreciated!


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I've never heard anything bad about Spokane. Used to visit my uncle every year for a couple weeks and never noticed anything bad. My cousin moved up there 15 years ago from the ghetto in Atwater California and has been having the time of his life. He sends me pictures every year of the whitetail and muleys that he kills.

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