Sportdog Collars (SD-800)


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Jul 23, 2006
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I've had this collar setup for awhile now (since my dogs were pups) and my wife took the dogs camping several months ago and left the remote sitting out. Unfortunately when this happened chipmunks chewed the buttons off. So I called Sportdog and asked if they could sell me some replacement buttons...I thought a pretty simple request. They do not sell replacement parts (for any of their models except for batteries and prongs) and my model is discontinued. But they were willing to upgrade me at a reduced price (which is actually pretty nice) but it would end up costing me $265 plus shipping (I would need to buy an extra collar). This is way more than I want to pay at this time. Sooo...Does anyone have an old remote that they're no longer using and that they're willing to sell for super cheap?? I looked at ebay and had no luck...

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