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Spotting .22 at 300 yards


Well-known member
So my Celestron is more than OK for 100 yards;

but more & more I try and shoot at 200 where I have my Vanguard 30-06 zero'd and like to shoot my CZ .22LR or even my Browning BL22 to warm up and to let the 30-06 barrel stay cool.
Of course with .22 LR at 200 yards, just getting on the 8.5x11 paper targets is cool, but I hardly know until I hike out to check.

What, if any scope are you using to see the holes at 200 or 300 yards?

Considering maybe this C5:

Mr. Luckypants

Well-known member
I use plain white WHITE paper as my target paper. I can see .264" holes with my Leupold 20x rifle scope. On bright sunny day that is. On cloudy days, I break out my CHEAP Barska spotting scope and can see .22 holes. The key is to use really white paper. Out to 300yds that is.


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the reactive targets I see are they way. pity cause I like to save some to keep track of the various ammo from my guns. Now with a new CZ 455 been trying things I never thought a .22LR could do; groups at 100 yards as good as my Weatherby Vabguard, 30-06.

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