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Well, I finally gave up on the economy improving and decided to start my own used tire business. I've been in biz a week and I've already started making money!!! Amazing how many folks out there can't afford to throw out 600-800 bucks for some new rubber. Anyways, just thought I'd throw it out there to the JHO community, if'n any of y'all need truck or car rubber. All my tires have at least 50% or better tread remaining, and I specialize in larger truck/SUV used tires at great prices. Give me a shout if you're needin' new meats and are low on cash. PM or email me through JHO I think is the best. Special discounts given to JHO members!!!

Jesse- hope this posting is ok.

Nate AKA bux-n-dux


Nate - my son's going to need a set of 35 12.50 17's soon, what ya got?

He's got a $450 registration coming up at the end of the month too so it might be a month or two.
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Wow those are some serious meats. I'll keep an eye out. I;m up by SF though....... To keep from clogging up JHO anyone needing rubber can email me through here, as I dont really want to post up my business email here.....but then again I do it on Craigslist so...........

[email protected]

Thanks to all



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Good business model, B-n-D's.
My wifes car is going to need tires soon, and I'm seriously thinking of putting the new tires on my 4Runner on her Highlander. She drives about 10 times as much as I do in a year, so it would save us $500.
I think you're on to something. Hope it doesn't interfere with your duck hunting, though.


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congratulations on the new direction and best of luck. I will be sure to spread the work on this side of the pond.

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