State Agencies Initiate Fishing Line Recycling Program


Mar 11, 2001
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State Agencies Initiate Fishing Line Recycling Program


Richmond, Virginia -- The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) and Virginia Marine Resources Commission (VMRC) are launching a monofilament fishing line recycling program across the Commonwealth. Both state agencies will install PVC pipe recycling containers at public boats launches at several lakes and rivers and coastal waters. Anglers and boaters are encouraged to deposit used monofilament fishing line into the PVC containers.

"Part of our agency mission involves managing and protecting wildlife populations. Monofilament fishing line poses an entanglement hazard for both aquatic animals and birds," says VDGIF Director Bob Duncan. "In addition, we are charged with protecting people and property engaged in hunting, fishing, boating and other outdoor-related activities. Improperly discarded fishing line can wrap around propellers, causing damage to boat motors."

"These fishing line recycling containers encourage anglers to dispose of unwanted line in a responsible manner," noted VMRC Commissioner Steve Bowman. "When you use one of these containers, you will be playing an important role in protecting fish, birds, turtles, and even dolphins, as well as keeping Virginia's waters clean."

According to VDGIF Fisheries Division Assistant Director Ron Southwick who is coordinating the line recycling program for the Department, "Several conservation organizations and municipalities have already jumped on board as partners sponsoring potential sites for the containers. Every group we have contacted to date has been most enthusiastic and supportive. Currently, we have 50 recycling containers ready to be installed across the state."

Sponsoring groups include the Virginia Bass Federation, Fairfax County Park Authority, Suffolk-Nansemond Chapter of the Isaac Walton League, Northern Virginia Kayak Fishing Club, Orange County High School Anglers Club, City of Richmond Parks and Recreation, VA B.A.S.S. Federation Nation, and the Isle of Wight Ruritan Club. In addition to providing the monofilament fishing line recycling containers, the sponsors will help maintain the containers and collect the used line for recycling.

Anglers and boaters wishing to recycle fishing line should remove any hooks or sinkers from the used line before depositing it into the containers. For the safety of the volunteers collecting the fishing line for recycling, no other trash should be deposited into the well marked containers.

The used monofilament line will be collected by partnering, volunteer organizations and shipped to Pure Fishing America, the parent company of Berkley fishing line. The recycled line is melted down and remolded into various products, such as fishing line spools, tackle boxes, and fish habitat structures.

Groups interested in participating in the fishing line recycling program can contact Ron Southwick at 804-367-1292 or by email

Media Contact:
Ron Southwick, VDGIF (804) 367-1292
John M.R. Bull, VMRC (757) 247-2269

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