Staying in shape at home


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Jul 18, 2014
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I have not been more than 300 yards from my front door in 3 weeks. There really is no good reason I couldn't just walk up and down our road and driveway but I get tired of doing that so I don't do it often enough. I used to use a treadmill 3-4 times weekly but the impact is too hard on my knees so I don't do that any longer. Family members have had Schwinn Airdyne bikes for a few years and they claimed it really was easier on their knees so I ordered one. I purchased an AD 6 and set it up today. I received it a week ago but just put the box in the garage and walked away. I just rode 5 miles according to the meter in 24 minutes and that seemed like a reasonable pace. My knees don't hurt too much but some. Only time will tell. I figured since I wasn't fishing or hiking in the hills like I normally do then I had better do something. I am about 20 pounds over weight right now and at least this is a start.

Anyone else have a stationary bike that they use? If so do you have any thoughts about how well they work and how dependable they are. The good thing about the Schwinn is if the electronics quit it is still an exercise machine and I could just watch a clock to determine how many minutes I am exercising. I always try to do at least 25 minutes to start but prefer doing 45 minutes once I get used to the equipment.


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Mar 3, 2006
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The best advice is dont burn yourself out on it, dont feel u always have to do 20 minute sessions even 10 or 15 minutes a day will add up quick each week and your endurance and stamina will increase gradually along the way.
I hook my bike up to a Blackburn travel track to turn it into a stationary set up and still have the convenience to ride it outside for exercise or travel.
I added a pic of your schwinn ad-6 stationary bike....tra







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Sep 5, 2002
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Nice setup, Tra; Do they make one like that for a Street Glide?


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Apr 20, 2020
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Arnold, what about someone very overweight? I stopped taking steroids a couple years ago, fell into depression and drug addiction, I got clean but swapped one addiction for another - food. I can barely do one push-up or pull up let alone 50 or 20 or 10 at once. Can i knock out 50 throughout the day for the same effect or do them on my knees? It's hard to stay motivated when once I was on the road to looking like you now looking like the Pillsbury dough-boy. I have a daughter I want to see grow up, and my real dad died of diabetes. I try to keep up but at the end of the day I'm back at square one. Thanks, you're a real inspiration. Much Love and Respect

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