Stolen Game Camera Alerts!!!


Stolen Game Camera Alerts!!!

If you would like to add your info about a stolen game camera please post it here. Pleae only post here about your stolen camera. If you want to discuss cam theft prevention please start a new thread.

You can add your game camera to your homeowner's insurance for about $4.00 per year with no deductable. Also, take a pic of your game camera along with serial numbers for your records.

Unit number is 12958

Serial number in the bottom of the camera is 374566

Location: near Pinckneyville, Illinois in Perry County


It happened!! Some s.o.b found and stole my camera right before Christmas. I had it on a creek crossing in the middle of my ground. It was cabled and locked to a tree and hidden with some additional twigs and brush. I found one set of Lacrosse boot tracks coming up and going back down the bank of the creek and then I found a set of 4-wheeler tracks coming in and out under my NW fence corner. My guess is that someone was running 'coon hounds and got their picture taken. I guess they got a bit nervous about being developed on my role of film, so they came back and solved their problem. I called the police and CamTrakker. They are both flagging the serial numbers on the unit and are waiting. Is there anybody around I can pound? Worst Christmas I can remember........

The unit number is 12958 and the serial number in the bottom of the camera is 374566. It was stolen near Pinckneyville, Illinois in Perry County. Thanks guys. CamTrak South has put a flag on the numbers and will report to me if they have any inquiries about the unit. - Hag.

Elk Bowhunter

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The first week of November, 2001 I put out my homemade video trail camera at a feeder and left it until the next Saturday. When I went back to get it, it was gone! This feeder is at least 1/2 mile from the nearest road that can be driven with a vehicle you don't want scratched and to have several flats. There are lots of mesquite trees you would have to drive over, along with cactus. There were no vehicle tracks to be found. Whoever got it walk in and out. I was using a Sony camcorder with the night-shot feature. The way I was using it, the night-shot infrared light was always on. I had Sony’s extra night-shot light on the camera and it really ran the batteries down, so I had added a 12Volt, 7.2AH battery and a 12-volt Sony adaptor that was designed to run the camera off a cigarette adaptor in your car. I could get a little over 3 hours of tape before the battery would get too weak to run the camera. I lost the camera, battery, and cigarette adaptor, extra night-shot light and of course the GI ammo can with the circuit board, motion detector and adjustable timers. The camera was a Sony Hi-8 model TRV-95. I have never seen another TRV-95. The circuit board had variable timers for both the prevent and the record times. It was mounted to the lid of the ammo can. The camera, battery, solenoid, etc. was mounted to a 1/4" steel plate that could be lifted out of the ammo can to gain easy access to the system. I am sure the theif will just remove the camera and throw the rest of it away, but keep an eye out for it anyway.

the hairless one

They got my deer cam dc-100 some time last week!

Camera serial # 06420514

Unit serial # A09716

Stolen from Rush County, Kansas aproximately 10 miles south of Larned.

Called the cops and the company. Had a idea of who might of took it(from a witness) and i just talked to the cop who took the report. He CALLED one of the guys and asked if they knew anything about it. OF course they are not going to tell you the truth over the phone.

Bad thing is i was going to try to get insurance this week. I will check my homeowners but i doubt they will pay it.


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Yep, add me to the list. Right in the middle of a 3000 acre lease with no reason for anyone to be in that area. My best guess is it was someone looking for sheds.  Unless we've got a poacher so good that he's scouting in the offseason. DC 100. If anyone in Tidewater Virginia suddenly hears of one for sale or gets someone bragging about his new pics.......... shuf.


I had a Non Typical NCX-10 and loved it until somebody stole it.  

Serial number 05485994

Detector number 2005160

Purchased on 1-04-01

Great while it lasted. Mike S.


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I guess the good thing is that this thread is as short as it is. I was hoping never to have a reason to post here.

Stolen, Homebrew Game cam w/Owl PF.
Sometime between Sept 7th and Sept 25th.
Locaton: Area 34, Fort Hood, Tx. Jesse, you did warn me!



I would greatly appreciate you adding me to your list of stolen

My Kalimar Photo Tracker (model #08888) was stolen sometime between
10/16 - 10/18 in the Grayson county area of Virginia.

Thank You,

[email protected]


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Yes add my camera to the watch for list. I had it in a national park here in PA, the St. Michael Flood Memorial, near Johnstown and figured it was safe there because hunting isn't allowed. Boy was I wrong! Looking back at my records maybe I should have waited a day or two to purchase.
DeerCam DC-100 Purchased 9-11-02
Camera # 06431781 DeerCam # A20244
Date stolen; week of Oct. 20th


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Ammo can with rs-49-425 sensor and owl pf camera
Brians timer installed.

cost $100.00+
stolen from Baileys mill road, Reading, Vermont

I took my game camera down from my spot and set it up to see who was coming and going at my friends landing which is about 100 feet off the dirt road. just for s + g's. so it snowed and I had it on the groung up the bank, I decided to just take it down. I was hunting so I put it in my friends old doghouse that was there. that was three weeks ago and now its gone. It was stolen from reading,vt on the baileys mill road. my name is Jason Knapp and my phone # is (802)-674-2902.


I guess I am a member of this club also. I had just purchased a Buckshot 35 in October 2002. I put it on private, posted property and it was stolen within a week. Chained to a tree and within 50' of a friends house, just to see if it worked. Deer sign everywhere. Gave the information to the police and they have 3 suspects. They are the typical slobs. They have several complaints of them harassing other hunters, trespassing, poaching, and stealing tree stands, so I guess this is nothing unusual for them. I contacted the Buckshot company, Foresite. They were not cooperative at all. Called and left 3 messages, and 2 emails and they never responded. I will not buy another Buckshot, but hope to get another camera. Hopefully I will get my money back at court after the trial. Stolen on Cape Cod in Mass.


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I can't believe mine is the first one stolen since 2003...

Owl PF, RS sensor, Brians timer, two 9V batteries, camera mounted on a plexiglass shelf glued to the cover. Sneaky leaves and hot glue camo, hand painted. steel bracket to prevent opening case without opening two padlocks first. 5/16 chain around the tree...
Missing in Woodville Georgia- south of Athens, near Union Point
[email protected]

Thanks, Ed


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