Stream Fishing, So Cal Style......


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May 20, 2002
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Hey Guys,

I need some help here. I'm looking to kill two birds with one stone. A few buddies and I want to find a stream in the southern california area ( LA, OC, or San Berdo County would be nice) that holds a decent amount of catchable trout, planted or native. Is there an area where we can backpack into, set up camp and fish? Other than a valid fishing license is there a permit that we need to get to make our own "makeshift" campsite? I know that there are major fire restrictions when it comes to a fire outside of an undeveloped campsite, but dont know what I need to backpack into "National Forest". Any info would be great, thanks in advance.

Bryan :recall davis sign:


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Nov 2, 2001
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For most trout fishing in So Cal I normally day hike. You need a fishing license, fire permit (gas stove), Ntl Forest Parking Pass for your car, Not sure about the camp permit?

Deep Creek in the San Bernadino Ntl Forest: Day Hike or camp. Small native trout

West Fork (Angeles Ntl Forest, Azusa Cyn off the 210): Native trout and stocked trout. Not sure about camping but you can ride a mountain bike up to the wild trout section of the stream. East Fork has trout also

Piru Creek: Day hike up to the wild trout area. Parking can be iffy due to low life hanging out

Big/Little Tujunga Cyn (Angeles Ntl Forest): Stocked trout. Check the the LA Times for stocking schedule

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