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Requested by EncorePistol and Double Beam:

Only post technical details about specific cams here or Links to these details

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This will keep facts only in this topic, and the authors of the post can clarify the info if need be. Lets try not to get any non-tech clutter here

Jesse already has a bunch of notes on various Camera Hacks here:



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Kodac DC-215


I have a DC-215 myself. I have used it in a trail camera, but it's too slow. In any control board you use it will be too slow. The RS-232 board works great with it, but the problem is in the camera. It has a zoom lens and every time power is applied to the camera it will zoom the lens before it will shutter a photo. This can take up to 8 seconds. You can't keep power to the camera all the time to keep the lens zoomed because it will consume too much power


I work alot with the dc200 & dc210
I just odered 5 boards from Haymaker
it is best on the dc210 to clip the zoom wire
if you set them up right in the woods they work
great with the rs-232

Further by Drifter
I would say the bootup from off is still the same (when the zoom wire is cut)
but the batts last all year
(scrapes rubs lure posts)
you can run them as fast fire on a rs 49-426 with large
rechargeable batt, I get 4 days on that setup
I hunt 7 hours away and use both setups
and I am happy with the flash
o ya the wires are on the front but the whole case needs
to come off (2 hidden screws on top way down inside next to lenz)
to get top middle off


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Everyone already knows about the olympus d380 and d370 that's a given and are probably the best cams we have so far for our use. I've built several with a fuji a200 using a refresh of under 2 min so the cam will not go to sleep at the 2 min. mark. I took pics along the way and have everything marked HERE.

****** has used the same cam using an on off controll board for it with good results also with shutter times around 3 sec. or less. Instructions for wiring for on off can be foundHere.

Haymaker has several boards including the rs232 which will control a large number of different cams, too many to list, through the serial port requiring no internal wiring of the cam.


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Lakota Samsung Digimax 201

I tested the Samsung Digimax 201 for use in a trailcam. With all of the features turned off and the power left on, it will run the batteries down in less than 2hrs.

I'm not testing it any further. It will work with Haymakers RSP board (on - off every picture) as will most any Digital camera, but I have no idea how long the batteries will last?

The search goes on...

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