Suggestions for Concealed Carry ??


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Jul 20, 2001
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Thinking about buying another handgun that could be carried in small of back or on the hip that would be covered by a untucked shirt or sweatshirt/jacket. My 686 with the 4 inch barrel is too big and my Sigpro 40 is too fat. I am 6'1 and about 210 lbs. I have big hands so I think the compact Glocks would be too small of a grip.

Would like to go with at least S&W 40 caliber. 380 or 9 mm seems a little too light??

Can anyone comment from experience??

PS: Price range $400 to $650


Tree Doc

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May 4, 2004
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That's easy.....
A 1911-A1 from Springfield Armory! Either a Ultra Compact or maybe even the Micro-Carry. 1911's are slim and you can't beat the action nor the 45ACP round.

If single action isn't your cup of tea, try out a Para Ordnance LDA, they're great shooters too.


Jul 20, 2004
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You need a new gun. I understand that. :)

And I'd like to offer my experience in case
you also want to carry the Sig you've got.

I have a Sig P229 which is 0.1" thicker than the
Sigpro. I was not comfortable with how the Sig
printed because of its width. I looked for and
found a holster that adds almost nothing to
the thickness of the total carry "system", a
Comp-Tac C.T.A.C holster.

Now, the Sig disappears under an untucked shirt
and I carry my Sig regularly. Great gun that's
now concealable.

About new guns, I'm your height and near 200 lbs
and a full sized 1911-A1 conceals quite nicely
in almost every IWB holster I've bought for it.
However, the Milt Sparks VM-2 hides it the best.

I also want a gun with a large grip. I don't want to
face a bad situation with a gun that I don't feel
I can keep hold of while I'm shooting it.

A 5" .45's length spreads its pressure over a wide area.
I forget I'm carrying it.
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