Suprize Suprize Look What I Hooked Today...


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So even though I said i was going to take a break from bass fishing i am addicted to it so I went back to my honey hole this morning and all that was hitting were some 12-13 inchers I was hoping for a big lunker but no takers and all of a sudden I got something big and heavy on the line and I get it to the bank and it was that same softshell turtle that was chomping my bait 2 days ago but the crazy part to this story is i had to give it a pardon and let it go because today is the first day between May 1st.- july 31 softshell turtles are off limits how ironic is that. Here's some quick photos I snapped before I let it go back into the pond unharmed, it was about 3 ft. In circumference nice size one.......tra

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