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Jan 5, 2003
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Looking to see what is available. I have a fully equipped 34 foot Silverton with all the gear for salmon and trout on Lake Michigan. I fish from the beautiful Port of Manistee and I am willing to trade for whitetail hunting. Fishing is best in my area starting the end of July and ending about the middle of September. I am looking for some hunting where I have the possibility of encountering some mature whitetail bucks. Any state (semi) close to Michigan that is over-the-counter for non-resident licenses (currently have preference points to draw for Iowa). I would prefer archery but firearm (rifle, muzzleloader, shotgun) is good too. I am seeking access for my brother and I. We are both mature, responsilble and dedicated whitetail hunters that are tired of the depleted, unbalanced herd that we have here in central lower Michigan.

If there is any interest hit me up either through Jesse's or you can contact me through my website www.rods-n-regs.com.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

As an additional thought, my brother and I both have enough bear preference points to draw in Michigan so that would be a possiblity as well.
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