Tactacams and Archery


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Jun 4, 2011
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My Tactacam takes great video and has proven to work just fine on my shotgun for turkey season, I'm expecting good results for quail, chukar and duck season as well. My problem is with the bow mount, It mounts on the bow in place of a stabilizer. It didn't effect my shooting at all, the problem is that I have always been taught to keep an open hand on the grip and to allow the bow to fall away after the shot. The problem is you don't get the video of the impact of the arrow or if you do it's only for a split second, it also seems it would be hard to pick up the animal on camera after the shot was taken. I did get a lot of "Does" and small bucks with it bow mounted during whitetail season in Nebraska just for the fun of filming them.

I decided to mount it to a tripod for my upcoming archery pronghorn hunt from a blind. Had no way to mount it so I did this!
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