Teens Arrested After Allegedly Killing Deer


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Nov 18, 2002
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BY KRISTA PRIMROSE, Times-Union Staff Writer
On Sunday, Kosciusko County conservation officers discovered two Mentone teenagers chasing and running down deer with snowmobiles.

Officers responded to a snowmobile/deer accident report at the residence of one of the boys after he called to ask permission to possess the deer.

The 17-year-old boy told officers that he and a 15-year-old neighbor boy were riding their snowmobiles next to the woods when a deer jumped out.

Officers searched for signs of the accident as described by the boys, but could find no evidence. Further questioning revealed that the boys actually had chased the deer with their snowmobiles, then ran over it three times, killing the animal.

While investigating, officers discovered a field with large amounts of deer blood and hair.

Both boys admitted to the crime, and told officers this is not the first time they committed the crime of harrassing wildlife with a motorized vehicle, a Class C misdemeanor.

Kosciusko County Probation Department is pursuing charges against the boys.

The Indiana Conservation Officers say that deer are under stress at this time of year, trying to survive cold weather and deal with the lack of available food. Undue stress can contribute to the death of deer, who expend energy trying to avoid snowmobiles. People who witness violations are encouraged to call 800-TIP-IDNR and report criminal acts.


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