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aaron r

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Mar 14, 2008
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I put in for the April 11 hunt on the North side. I have never been to Tejon and was looking for any advise on the ranch and possible places to hunt on the North side.


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Mar 12, 2001
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April hunt is gonna depend a lot on the weather. If the roads are dry, head out to the high ridges and glass on Friday afternoon/evening. If you see hogs, figure out how to get to them. Odds are that if you can't get there before dark on Friday, that's a great place to start on Saturday.

Hogs are all over that ranch, and the north side has a ton of great hidey-holes. A lot of it has been inaccessible due to wet roads and downed trees, so you may actually have an advantage if the roads are dry by the 11th.

Bottom line strategy, stay up high and glass hard. Get away from the main roads. Watch the places where heavy chemise opens up into grassland or oak meadows... usually coming out of deeper canyons. The hogs bed there, and will be up and moving at morning and evening.

Think morning and evening sun, and the hogs will follow the shadows as they fall and rise.

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