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Mar 19, 2001
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We stopped by Hogan's in Pleasant Hill today and they have donated a ton of stuff for our Raffle and Silent Auction at the Gray Lodge Clean-up Day April 6th.  We'll have a number of jackets, shirts, Duck Calls, Decoy Bags, etc, etc, etc. Tim Donated about twice what he has in past years.  If you're in Hogan's, please say thanks.  And please patronize his store as he does a great job helping us help the ducks!

Thanks for all your help Tim!

If you'd like to attend, please see below info:

By the way, the new Chairman of CWA will be there and will be ready to answer all your questions about the direction CWA is headed over the next several years.

We are hosting the 7th annual Gray Lodge Clean-up day on April 6th. This is a fun event and gives you the opportunity to explore the refuge without a flashlight! Lot's of woodducks should be in the boxes, which is a great opportuntity for "Catch and Release" for those on the Woodduck crews. We'll have some fun events for kids, a great BBQ, and a CWA raffle and silent auction. Come join us! The following is the flyer with more details surrounding this event.

Gray Lodge Clean up and Field Day Saturday, April 14, 2001

Here is an opportunity to give back to Gray Lodge what waterfowl hunters and outdoor enthusiasts have benefited from over the past year. California Waterfowl Association (CWA) is seeking volunteers for light duty clean up and wood duck box inspection. Plenty of activities will also be available to children of all ages. All family members are encouraged to participate as the day will be educational, entertaining, and most importantly, improve the quality of our wildlife habitat.

Mike Womack, Gray Lodge Refuge Manager will also provide an update of trends in local/state refuge and wetlands management.

Coffee, Juice and breakfast snacks will be provided prior to hitting the field with an excellent barbecue lunch, raffle, and silent auction ending the day, around mid afternoon. A small fee of $5 per person will be charged to those eating lunch to help offset food costs.

What you need to do:

1. RSVP to the address below and include a check for food if applicable.
2. Bring outdoor work clothes, boots, and chest waders if you have them.
3. Bring Tools (gloves, hammer, pruning shears, rakes, shovels, etc.)
4. Send any contribution you can to assist CWA¡¦s clean up effort

For more information, please contact Rob Plath (925) 686-0760 or (925) 680-3938.

Please detach and mail to:
Rob Plath
18 St. Louis Ln.
Pleasant Hill, Ca. 94523


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Gray Lodge Clean Up and Field Day

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