That was a good run!

Frank X. Morris

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Feb 16, 2008
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Howdy All,
Neezer and I went out for our walk, Aaba looked around and decided it was too dangerous out there, so he stayed home. As we were driving to one of our spots we saw a couple cottontails so Neezer could get worked up. We park, and get out of the Jeep to a cool breeze. We walk next to the road with the wind. Then I walk through the sand dunes so I could walk next to the open field and against the wind. After a few minutes I realize there is no sign. No poop, no tracks. Also I noticed my face was cold, I turn to walk with the wind. I'm almost back tracking. Neezer is about 20 feet to my right and all of a sudden he breaks into a run. I scan ahead about 50 feet and there is a big jack. 2 ways to go, left through the dunes across the road under a fence and into the heavy brush and safety. Or right out into the open field. We get lucky and jack goes into the open field. Neezer has got jack sighted and running hard, jack is running but isn't at top speed and still is holding his lead at about 50 feet. Jack is weaving his way along with Neezer holding a straight line but not gaining. They are getting out about a quarter mile and I'm trying to follow their progress with my monocular. All of a sudden I lose sight of the jack and then getting sighted on Neezer I see he is also unsighted. After a little looking Neezer decides to come back in. A good run, just no breakfast lol

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