The 17HMR is finally starting to group.


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Jun 24, 2002
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My 77/17 is finally starting to group. Not fantastic, but it groups. I'd installed a Green Mountain "Running Boar" barrel and gotten OK groups with an exceptionally tight-bedded barrel channel. I decided to relieve the channel to see what would happen and the grouping and ammo preferences changed. The ammo preference got better as it began to like cheap stuff (CCI "TNT") better than other varieties, but only better in relative group size: The groups themselves went to heck. Fast. I finally placed a 5/64" copper bedding block (thick shim?) under the recoil lug for a full length float. I finally shot it today for group and found that I was shooting .3 at 35 yards with the CCI -and that included the enevitable flier. Switching to the previously discarded Federal "V-SHOK" loads the flier went away and I'm getting 1/4" at 35 yards. That's 3/4 MOA and that's OK with me. I pranged a few golf balls someone left at out range near the 100 yard line. Never missed, so I guess that's Minute of Ground Squirrel. Glad to see it's finally coming around. Maybe next time I go squirreling I'll bring it again to shoot when the 17 Aguila's barrel gets hot...~AMMOe

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