The Guns of Islam by Garry James


Mar 11, 2001
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The Guns of Islam


Los Angeles, CA--Featured this week on are "The Guns of Islam," by Garry James.

There are no more exotic firearms than those that come from Islamic countries or lands with a heavily Muslim influence. To Western eyes, their unusual shapes, decoration and oftentimes archaic appearance make them seem to be mere curiosities rather than serious fighting and sporting arms, but one only has to look at their effectiveness in the field to realize that this is a gross misconception.

Visit to view exquisite examples of Islamic weapons including Turkish flintlocks, Indian toradors and Afghan jezails, just to name a few.

For many years Islamic guns--in fact many beautiful non-European weapons and armor--were looked on askance by many Occidental collectors. Some of the most beautiful, highly decorated examples sold for a fraction of the price brought by their European counterparts. Today this is not the case. Fine Eastern arms are being recognized for the historic, functional and beautiful examples of the gunmaker's art that they are.

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