The Mt. R Fire blamed on shooters. Manzanita Flats Shooting Range. San Bernardino National Forest


Mar 11, 2001
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The map in that article shows the red pin on hwy 330 at city creek. The fire was actually down the slope to the left of the big R on the side of the mtn. Mazanita Flats shooting range is below the R on forest rd 1N09 as the article states. Last time they tried to blame shooters when there was a hiker smoking in the area that was spotted. If they were using copper or lead bullets they wont spark a fire, steel core ammo will. Or they could have tossed a cig.or fireworks.
Anybody know if the shooters were at the gun range there or just shooting off the road near there?. Make sure youre at the range if you go, you can't legally target shoot in the forest except at the approved ranges.

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Dec 12, 2002
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The one thing that I keep in mind when I'm shooting in any area where there is vegetation, "fire suppression costs". Especially on hot days with low humidity. A couple of loads from a DC-10 air tanker is going to set you back somewhere in the area of your annual salary if you are an average guy. Food for thought!

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