The Next Picture Contest


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Mar 12, 2001
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I noticed that Jesse has posted some info about the next picture contest.  I know that it will be as much fun and rewarding as the first one.

I have some ideas that I wanted to suggest, just kick around I guess.  Let me know what you think:

1) Possibly require that the time/date post be present in the picture.  The reason for this is that with the attention that our first contest aroused, there might possibly be some cheaters that want to win by using something other than a trail cam.  However, the biggest problem I see with this suggestion is that the time/date does not always show up in the pictures in some of our cameras, mine included.

2) New Category 1:  Best Photo With Caption.  This I think is a great idea.  It would be interesting to see great photos combined with a sense of humor.  Some of the guys here (Tinhorn, Spectr17) have a great sense of humor that I know they'd just love to share.

3) New Category 2:  Best Unaltered Photograph.  Self explanatory.  Best untouched photo, uncropped, just as it came from the woods.  This would be a hard one to win.  Reckon?

I know, I know, rules are no fun.  Besides, on the net, who could enforce them anyway?  It's just a few ideas.  With the new contest looming, there will probably be other ideas as well.  All I can say to that is, "Bring 'em on, Bay-bay!"
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