The result of the last two months


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I "went to school" on bulletcasting and re-visited my entire procedure. After two months of loading and shooting BIG, HEAVY bullets; I have a fading yellow bruise and a large number of targets to show for it. The attached image is the result of all of my work. This group is repeatable, as I demonstrated for myself later this morning.

This is shot from my Pedersoli Sharps "Billy Dixon" 45/70 using an inexpensive peep sight with circular front insert rather than a post. No appreciable wind and the shots were taken from sandbags under the front of the forearm. This is 5 rounds. Group is 1/2". The load is of my own making using wheel weights, my own recipe lube, with an over-powder card and filler with a heavy crimp.


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Sigh! Always high. Maybe you ought to give that 45/70 to a gunsmith to adjust the sights?:bag-on-head:

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