They are making a list (CFARS in high gear)


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They are making their list
checking it twice
going to take your guns weather you are naughty or nice
CFARS Has come to town
They Seize when you are sleeping
They confiscate when your awake
It dosen't matter if your Bad or good
your guns they want is understood.

Went to purchase a couple bricks of 22LR and was rejected
Seems I must register a 22 to my current address to buy 22 ammo
From what I understand and I hope some one here corrects me
To purchase ammo of any caliber you must have a gun of that caliber registered
to your current address ?
So here we go, registering and helping them make their list.


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They want "a gun" registered with them or whatever else they'll make you do as a check. I've bought plenty of ammo for guns I use that are not registered. But I have bought a gun/s since 2014. Those firearms are in their system so I pass.


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So if I register my registered purchased legally Colt Python 357, I can purchase 9mm 45, 357 22, 12 gage ?


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You better believe it'll get worse. Mark my words, the next step WILL be to limit your ammo purchase to the caliber of firearm you've got registered.

It took me a month to register a legally CA purchased firearm. The excuse I got was due to the unusually high volume of firearm purchases.
CA lawmakers are driving up firearm purchases, every time they pass one of these ridiculous laws.


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Ill run with just my colt for the now, I figure a revolver would be in the last group of confiscation.
Of course all mine are legally purchased and registered so sooner or later they'll be knocking at the door.

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