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They Say "Pain At The Pump". Do U Feel It Or Not, And How Is It Effecting U?....


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Yesterday as I was filling up at the pump I was thinking how much cheaper gas is out here in SW Florida compared to California when I was living there and I got to say the prices are awesome out here I don't feel the pain at the pump like i did it Ca. when it came to long road trips.
Last night I oaid $3.57 a gal. And filled my suv $45. Bucks, that's like $20. Cheaper then when I would fill in Ca..
Another thing they don't have road tax attached to there gas like Ca. does and they roads are phenomenonaly awesome out here.
In Ca. U pay .50 cents per gal. For road tax and the roads are $hity out there go figure. Just shows u how greedy that state is for what u pay and put into it u don't get in return that's the ca. way have u guys figured that out yet, another reason why I left that greedy state
Like to here how everyone feels about the gas price situation and how it's effecting u good or bad....tra

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I defnintely prefer our prices to CA, but I drive 80 miles a day and it's bad enough as it is. I fill up every 4.5 days. I can't quite squeak that last trip home on Friday. No matter what you pay per gallon, we all tend to find a balance to our budget that we can sustain, whether we're spending in areas we want to or not. When gas goes up, we all have to cut something somewhere and for us, it's usually our hunting/shooting/fishing/camping money. Increasing gas prices hurt us all.


The added taxes in CA are what really establish the 'premium' experience when filling your tank at the station. Take that away, and your wallet has a fighting chance to be able to afford a corn dog at the fair on Friday.

A few other factors come into play as well. Both the local and freeway volumes are still growing. Slower speeds and more time at stop lights means lower fuel efficiency. Seasonal blend gasoline places a greater financial burden on the consumer.

Common Sense

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We are a one car family and I walk to work. When I do drive, I get less than 12MPG! But since we drive so little, the prices don't effect my life style. Right now the cheap regular is $3.84 & 9/10th in my town.


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Wow, here in truckee 4.49 for regular, 4.69 for diesel
Not much better here in Colfax!! I think this economic depression is hitting the general public and the economy hard, allthewhile lining the pockets of the democrats in charge. Intentional destruction of our economy, good for a neck stretching IMO.


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Can't be that bad. I see too many big (and older) trucks and cars out here doing 70+mph for people to be that worried about burning through gas. Either that or they just dont care anymore


TRA, do you really have to rub it in LOL.... first was hunting, then fishing, then gators catching, then bikes, then girls. Now gas. we already feel miserable....
Keep doing it and all CA will move to Fl and make there another CA, so, be careful....

Just kidding, good luck my friend, how is your pig hunting? Did you get any?


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I hear I on that point Orygun.
A few months ago when I was still living in Ca. within like 20 mi. of the Tesla Electric Car manufacturer plant it hit me how ridiculous that the government backed them with funds for the whole idea of getting more people into and driving electric cars for the future. But then this reality hit me they only make 1 one $80,000.00 dollar car model, how are u going to get the average consumers to afford one those it's not going to happen. so they money that the government funded them should if been for the support of making affordable electric cars the mass average consumer could afford and buy to get more on the road like $15,000. to $25, 000 electric car with government incentives and rebates..
What the heck was Obama thinking when he handed the funds to a company that just makes high end electric cars for millionaires, wasted government money for sure on that whole idea.
So I went to a high end Tesla dealership at Santana Row and asked them the same the same question " the government funded u guys money with the idea to make electric cars to get the mass consumers to buy to help with the green initiative to curtail the global warming for the future but u guys built a car only few can afford so what's that sll about, I said why didn't u build a variety of affordable models the average person could afford if that was the case" and he answered back "u are absolutly right but we do have a new model coming out soon stay tuned". What a bunch of bull$hit! i know for a fact the still will be high end and pricey models so don't hold your breath for Tesla to make a affordable car soon, I hope they do go broke the greedy _astards! let's go back to the future, Does anyone remember John DeLorean and his dream car, well at least u got a pound of coke in the trunk when u bought one of those ...lol well that's what's going to happen to The Tesla car company if they don't change.
Here's some info that will make u say hhhhmmmmmm. ..

Here's one of my neighbors economical cars....lol

I hear ya JustGuy my friend but once I left ca. And got here to Florida and realized that florida has there $hit together they don't have all those taxes yet this state is well maintained and affordable.
It's like once u leave and get out and see things from the outside that u never noticed from the inside that's what makes me mad now the fact is California has gotten ridiculous in high cost and still is going up relentlessly even though the state itself is doing better and basically out of the red because of all the taxes but now the quality of life there isn't the same as years ago " the fun factor" is diminishing for sure some people have to work 2 or 3 jobs to make it in ca. now so how can u have time to have fun in the so called sunshine state, that's changed brother. Remember when all people talked about all week is going to Santa Cruz and and going out dancing and clubs was in, who really talks about that stuff anymore in Silicon Valley except the Google and Facebook millionaires that are driving up the cost of buying homes and essential, that's what's driving greed factor with business that want there money, there's basically no middle class now because of it, your either on the top or your on the bottem and that's a fact and tbe truth.
For example,
I worked for Home Depot in Silicon Valley for 8 years and about 4 years ago I started seeing the ridiculous price increases on products because we always do the price changes. Here's an example I was changing prices on all the sledge hammers and axes. A small sledge hammer that was $5.00 increased to $10.00 double the price how do explain and justify that. And a lot of other products where increasing in increments of $5., $10., $15., $20. And that's the truth strike me dead.
So all I can say is good luck to everyone trying to survive there.
I am in heaven agian enjoying life like I used to here in florida, everything is green and fresh no drought here people. Ocean temperature this past weekend was 92 degrees!
Our best friends came out here 2 weeks ago to stay with us for a week and now they just sold there business of 25 years in cali and are having a custom home built here in florida and moving here in 3 weeks with tbe family to start a new affordable great quality of life for them and tbe schools are awesome our here too. U will be seeing there boys fishing with me soon once they get settled I have poles for both of them set up when they get here can't wait will have our best friends out here now. They seen the big difference between cali and Florida so here they come.

JustGuy taking care of Maria is as lost a full time job now so I am lucky I can get out and fish for a minute, keeping my eye open for the piggies waiting for them to pop up in my yard that would make it easier on me no traveling. The guys on the golf course always tell me where they see them or where there tearing it up so it's a chess game right now but I have confidence I will connect with them someday. Want to go to an outfitter so bad but I have no one to take care of my wife yet so that's on hold for now or i would have already done it they are so close and so cheap too. Well I need a breather brother so talk to ya soon!.... tra

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Yes TRA, there is a saying: "when you are right, you are just right". Envy you in good meaning. I was thinking of moving to Texas or Florida, but i need to put my younger through the school (medical one), then i'm a free man!!!!

BTW, as my friend who works for Tesla says, there is going to be "very affordable Tesla" soon.
Let's see
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Frank X. Morris

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Howdy All,
The price of gas hasn't impacted me any more than it has for the last 30 years. I drive between 7 and 8000 miles a year, except the years the dogs were in competition and then my mileage would go up to 11,000 miles a year. Instead of Tesla try these guys www.eliomotors.com Several people at work have already ordered theirs. Hope by next spring they will be building them.


I check gasbuddy map when I need a fill-up (nation wide site). Filled the tank on Sunday 6th for 3.299.


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So one month ago this gas stations regular unleaded price was $3 62 abd now has dropped to $3.46 and dropping that's a .16 drop I am liking it no pain on my wallet. Some stations even cheaper, but my point is I never ever see cali gas price drop that much in a short time have u guys out there.
And how's everyone's else's prices around the states looking like latley......tra

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I'll be heading to feel the pain in a few minutes, part of getting ready for the A Zone opener tomorrow. Its been around $4 - $4.10-ish here. I've still got half a tank in it so I'm looking at about $40.

I keep flip-flopping between taking less trips because of the high cost of fuel, and not letting a few extra dollars get in the way of what I love to do.


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I drive a little over a hundred miles a day six to seven days a week. Avg. $175 weekly just about. Can't wait till the supposed new gas tax I've been hearing about next yr kicks in HOLY jeez!


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around town, i friggen ride my bike.

my truck stays parked. i use it for hunting, but luckily, i am doing this year's hunt with a partner. any number divided by two is half the size :) (math wizard here!)

bring it!


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I just got a new to me pick up and have no idea what the gas mileage is. I'm not so sure I want to. My old truck was, at best, 7-8 mpg open road @ 55-60 mph, more like 4-5 in town and used only 91 octane. So I complain just a very little when I fill up the Tundra. It runs fine on 87 and fuel is in the 3.60-70s
As far as Tesla goes who's the bad guy, the government for throwing money at companies because affordable green is implied and never verifying anything, or the company who filled out some index card sized request for money?


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my hunting truck is a old 84 toyota 4x4 ,no a/c rides rough but it does get 20mpg on the road, so its around 40.00 every deer hunting trip, my hunting buddy and i are both retired on fixed incomes and split the cost of fuel so its not to bad, gas here is 3.79 at the cheap arco stations, i save up for 6 months of so before hunting season so i can hunt every day if i want to

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