Thin ice cancels Forest Lake, MN fishing contest


Mar 11, 2001
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Ice fishing contest won't happen.

Berk Brown, Forest Lake Times Staff Writer

For the first time in 20 years, the Golden Rainbow Fishing Contest has been cancelled. Jason Gadd of the Hopkins Jaycees said the decision was made on Saturday that there simply isn’t enough ice to safely conduct the contest.

The most ice to be found on the lake was 14 inches. There needed to be 18 inches for the Washington County Sheriff’s Office to consider allowing the event to take place.

“With (the 14 inches), it was poor ice as it was,” Gadd said.

Because the contest was cancelled, Gadd said those who purchased tickets will be able to use the same tickets for next year’s contest.

As the primary fund-raising effort for the Hopkins Jaycees, Gadd said both his community and Forest Lake will lose out with the loss of the contest.

“It’s very devastating with all the money that goes back into the communities of Forest Lake and Hopkins from this contest,” Gadd said. “That’s the tough part about this.”

The Hopkins Jaycees has made a commitment to provide the city of Forest Lake with a new weed harvester. That’s a commitment Gadd said the organization will honor, despite not being able to have the contest.

The weed harvester, he said, has already been financed, so it will be delivered as promised. The Hopkins Jaycees, however, simply won’t be able to apply a chunck of its profits from the contest to the financing.

“Everything is still on track,” Gadd said of the deal with the city for the weed harvester. “We were just hoping (this year’s contest) would help us reduce the amount of financing.”

Gadd said about 500 tickets were sold in advance and most prizes which the Hopkins Jaycees had purchased they will keep until next year.

As for the big prizes, such as the snowmobiles and the truck, Gadd said the Hopkins Jaycees are working with the dealerships to figure out how to resolve the issue of the contest being cancelled.

As for the full effect the loss of the contest will have on the Hopkins Jaycees, Gadd said it is impossible to tell at this point.

“I don’t know what the full effect of it will be,” Gadd said. “But, we’ll probably be scrambling around Forest Lake and Hopkins with different fund-raising activities.”  

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