Thinking about buying a new tent


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The wife and I do a lot of camping each year, but the sleeping in a tent is starting to get rough on the bones...So I'm looking for some opinions on getting a new one that will be comfortable for us.
Any of you have one and have any bits of knowledge to share?


Are you car camping or backpacking? Where and what time of the year?
Happy to pass on our experiences. Nothing sets you up better for success than talking to someone who has already made mistakes and is willing to share them :)


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I don’t see how a new tent will help your bones. Have you tried an air mattress. I use air mattresses at the cabin for guests, one guest commented that the air mattress was more comfortable than his bed at home.


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If your truck camping, the coleman instatent is a good one. They set up in about 2 minutes and the larger one is plenty of room for two people on cots. They do very well in cold weather and keep the rain out. Plenty of zip down windows for air flow in the summer. If you add a tent fly over the top, it's even cooler.


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Oh yeah, cots with a pad are the way to much happier now that I'm not sleeping on the ground.


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For Base Camping, somewhere you can get to by vehicle, there is no tent better than a Kodiak ! Canvas, sets up in a heart beat, front and back zippered doors, plenty of windows all with high quality brass zippers. In my 10 X 12 we sleep 3 fully grown hunters all there gear all with cots and dressing chairs very comfortably.
Down on them is they are heavy canvas, But all fits in the bag every time and the Bag is also very durable canvas.
You can not go wrong, and if you look up Bubblehide he has some for sale or at least did.
And yes a great cot with Cargo or wool blankets between you and the cot keeps you toasty warm, I bought mine at cabella's wide long, Head and foot raise and lower, all feet are adjustable, This one you will sleep very well.
Hope this helps

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If you can drive to your set up location and plan on staying in one spot for a few days, here what you might consider. Wall Tent, roomy, comfortable, all weather. This is our tent with and without the kitchen attached that adds another 8 ft in length. We spent 3 months camping in this the first year we had it. If you are interested in some feedback let me know and I will PM you any answers I have to your questions. This blue and green set up is my buddy's "Skid Row Condo". Snow Around Camp.JPG2-The Camp#96.JPG

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