tired of overcrowded so cal municipal lakes?



I got tired of it too.  Waiting for some park ranger to open the gate at exactly 6:eek:o oclock, long line at the ramp, five or ten bucks to launch, overcrowded, maybe two or three fish a rod.  You know the story.  I started fishing the blythe area.  AWESOME!  Toole lined backwater, water to myself, lots of bass, catfish, bluegill, free launching, free camping, it is great.  I just thought I would post for the guys who want a little less pressured water, a little more wild area.  Get a map and do some homework, its worth it!  Some of the ramps are a little primitive.  Theres a lot of water down there, try to take a weekend down there before it gets too hot!  Let me know if you want more info.
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