Today, Obama took McCain to task...


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Apr 14, 2007
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Today Barak Hussein Obama took John McCain to task..implying that McCain did not know as much about the military and war as he (Barak Obama) does...
Although McCain is not my first choice, before we take Obama's claimed special knowlwdge about military/war things, i think we should..


John Sidney McCain III:
Born on a military base in Panama..
Went to numerous schools primary through high school..a part of being a "navy brat"..
His father was a Navy Admiral.
His grandfather was a Navy admiral.
He attended United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD..and as a regular course, attended "war college" etc.
Was a Navy fighter pilot, flying 23 missions over the enemy, before being shot down.
Spent 5 years in the infamous "Hanoi Hilton" often enduring torture. (While top liberal, Jane Fonda, visited and cozied up to the
enemy at the same time, same place !)
8 years U S Congress .
18 years US Senate (part as chmn armed services committee.)

Barak Hussein Obama:
Born in Honolulu, to a Kenyan father & American mother.
Lived there for a time, before moving to Jakarta, Indonesia.
His formative school years (age 6 to10) were spent in Muslim schools.
Attended Occidental college for a time..then Columbia & Harvard ( coincidentally, all anti-military, and some say anti-American).
Worked 3 years (93-96) as a community organizer and civil rights lawyer with Miner, Barnhill & Galland. (paid position ? if so, by whom?)
4 years US Congress
3 years US Senate.

Now, perhaps I am biased, so I won't comment right now....
..But whom do you think may possibly know a bit more about war/military ?

...Perhaps he better ask his "mentor", Rev. Wright for some training on the subject !


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