Travel insurance. Is it worth it?


TRAVEL INSURANCE. Is it worth it? $25 for $500 of hotel stay. Some of these places have some stiff cancellation fees and dont allow any changes. Ive never used it but Ive been lucky. I use orbitz the most and its their insurance it appears.


I've never needed it, places I've stayed have all allowed 24 hr cancellation without penalty. A few have allowed less time. I try to avoid booking agencies and deal directly with the hotel/motel chain and have always received a lower rate than any agency provided. Most all of my bookings have been a week to three days in advance but used to book a couple of destinations up to six months in advance. That being said it boils down to mode of transportation (a cancelled flight), time of year, (weather delay risk) and how far out in the future you're booking the trip. If possible check the policy of where you plan to stay and weigh any risk of cancellation that might prevent you from making it to the destination in time.


We made plans to take an Alaskan cruise with another couple this past summer. They had to unforeseeably cancel within a week of leaving. We cancelled as well because we wanted to go with them. Fortunately we all had trip insurance and got our money back. That would have been a huge pill to swallow had we not been refunded.

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