Treestand fall leaves FL hunter in critical condition


Mar 11, 2001
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Fall leaves hunter in critical condition.
He was paralyzed, trapped overnight

Monday, January 7, 2002

By David DeCamp, Jacksonville Times Union

A Jacksonville Beach man remained in critical condition yesterday after falling from a hunting perch and lying undetected for 27 hours in a wooded area in Clay County.

Ed Dykes, 53, who was hunting alone, was left paralyzed from the fall that occurred after 10 a.m. Thursday about 5 miles from Camp Blanding in Clay County, said county Fire and Rescue Capt. Dave Motes of the Special Operations division. The spot was about 600 yards from the nearest road, leaving Dykes on the ground in subfreezing temperatures overnight.

Dykes apparently was taking his coat off or at least changing position in a tree stand when he stepped on a tree limb, said his brother, Richard, 61. The limb broke, and Dykes fell. He was knocked unconscious for a short time.

At night, Dykes lay in the cold without his coat. Deer wandered near him. Later, his brother said, he asked Dykes, an avid hunter and fisherman, if he was able to shoot one.

Dykes, not losing his sense of humor, said, "I didn't know where my gun was."

His brother said the fall severed Dykes' spine. He was motionless -- he can't move the lower half of his body -- until another hunter found him Friday afternoon. The hunter alerted authorities.

The county's Special Operations squad -- which happened to be training nearby -- was able to rescue Dykes, with help from a Camp Blanding rescue crew, so he could be flown by helicopter to Shands Jacksonville.

"As unlucky as he was to have fallen and lay there all night long, he was very lucky everything was in place to rescue him," Motes said.

Motes said no one knew Dykes was hunting in the desolate woods that day. He said hunters should always go out with a partner, or at least have a cell phone.

"The moral to that story is you should never hunt alone," Richard Dykes said.

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