Treestand Safety Harness Recall


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Jul 30, 2001
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Year 2000 Models Only !!!

Fall Woods, Inc. is asking your assistance in retrieving some snap clips that are with some of the safety harnesses included with some of The Summit Climbing Treestand Models and The Trailhawk Treestands. This clip does not meet the specifications of the clips that Fall Woods, Inc. had ordered. If  the hunter falls, this clip can bend and release the hunter from the harness.

The treestands that may have a harness with this clip are:


Summit Viper XL - 2000 model only

Summit Viper Xtreme XL - 2000 model only

Summit Cobra XL - 2000 model only

Summit Bushmaster XL - 2000 model only


Trailhawk Vmag - 2000 model only

Trailhawk SHmag - 2000 model only

Trailhawk Vlite - 2000 model only

Trailhawk SuperHawk Sky Couch - 2000 model only

Trailhawk Sky Couch - 2000 model only

Trailhawk Osprey Ladder Stand - 2000 model only

Trailhawk Osprey - 2000 model only

In order to continue providing top quality safety equipment, we need to replace this clip at once.  If you have this clip, STOP USE of the clip IMMEDIATELY and contact Fall Woods, Inc. at 1-800-241-5559 for instructions on resolving this problem.

If you have any friends that may have this clip, please contact them immediately with this information.
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