Tri-Tronics Welcomes "Junior" to Their Product Family


Mar 11, 2001
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Tri-Tronics Welcomes "Junior" to Their Product Family


<table align="right"><tbody><tr><td>

</td></tr></tbody></table>Tucson, Arizona - Tri-Tronics, the industry standard in electronic dog training equipment, is excited to announce the latest addition to its product line, The Sport Junior.

The rugged design and ¼ mile range of the Sport Junior makes it the ideal remote trainer for yard drills or working with hunting dogs. The remotely-activated collar light is the perfect safety feature allowing you to see your dog during evening or early morning walks. The compact waterproof receiver and collar strap fits dogs of all sizes. The Junior features 7 levels of continuous stimulation and 7 levels of momentary stimulation.

"Our engineers wanted to design a compact, simple, and affordable collar system that would meet Tri-Tronics' rugged quality standards. They succeeded with the Junior," stated Gary Williams, sales and marketing manager.

Novice dog trainers will welcome the Junior's simple dual stimulation design and affordable price ($188.00 MSRP). "We wanted to offer a training system especially suited for first time trainers. The Junior is perfect for hunters who may be new to dog training," exclaimed Williams.

Experienced trainers will enjoy the same high quality and flexibility that they have come to expect from Tri-Tronics. Both the transmitter ($121.00 MRSP) and receiver ($98.95 MSRP) of the Junior can be purchased separately. Each can be married to work with a G2 or G3 EXP training system.

Tri-Tronics manufactures a full line of electronic dog training equipment. Tri-Tronics training collars are backed by a 30-day money-back, 2-year warranty. The Junior is proudly manufactured in the USA.

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Oct 11, 2006
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In my opinion.....
The more Tri-Tronics changes, the more they look like Dogtra. Smaller transmitter with a lanyard what a concept! During the last 5 years or so, Tri-Tronics has gone from being one of the top e-collars. To now somewhere below that level. They wouldn't listen to their customers ideas for improvement, because they didn't have to. Now it appears that they have fallin back in the pack of manufacturers. I base this opinion on the fact that their MSRP of $188.00 is just above the MSRP of $174.99 for the Dogtra 175NCP entry level collar. They were traditionally priced much higher than the other manufacturers.

Just my 2 cents worth!


Mar 5, 2007
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The Sport Junior is an entry level collar designed for obedience training and close yard work (1/4 mile range). This should be a great training tool for the agility trainer.
Tri Tronics Pro Series collars such as the Pro 100 G3 Upland were designed for hunting and long range(1 mile plus). Kennel owners, handlers, trainers and club owners were asked for their input in the new design of the G3 line up of Pro Series collars.
Tri Tronics still sets the standard. They are a bit more expensive but well worth the investment in quality equipment.

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