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trout fishing question


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How do you fish for trout??
I am heading to Maine in two weeks for a bear hunt. If all goes well, I am hoping to have some down time to wet a line.
I have only fished for muskie, walleye, northern pike and panfish in the wisconsin and canada areas. I have heard that brook trout is popular up your way.

I have never fly fished, and honestly it is of no interest to me. Can you fish for trout using a rod and reel? What are some good baits?
Are the northern and muskie populations good up in the northern part of the state, say around Fort Kent areas?



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I prefer ultra light spinning rod and reel and a favorite lure is a 00 mepps spinner.I've had trout leap from the water to hit this lure as I cast and the lure was a foot from the stream here in California and in Montana.I learned my fishing in several streams and rivers in New York State in the 1950's and 1960's.


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Good deal, I have used mepps over the years, and got plenty of 'em.

How big do trout get? I wouldnt have thought ultra light would be heavy enough for them. That was one of my best investments, nothing like getting decent fish on a light rod!

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