Tsx loads for 7mm-08 youth 20 in barell

Anybody loaded the Tsx in a 20 in barell youth rifle in 7-08 ??

found a lot of loads for all the common lead bullets but does me no good to load them as I live in the middle of the California condor zone which is all lead free only

seems like varget and the 120 Tsx would be a good starting point but I have no experience with anything 7-08 so the .284 dia bullets are a new one for me

the Tsx shoots fantastic in my tikka t 3 lite .270 so I'm hoping I can get it to do well in my sons 7-08

thanks for for any info



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Varget is a great powder in most any .308-based case, and you should do very well with that. My suggestion to you is to buy the Barnes reloading manual and start there. Always remember that what works in one rifle may not work in another when it comes to handloads, you'll have to put in the work developing the load and finding the optimal charge for your rifle. Barnes has been pretty good about giving out data if you email them. I've done fairly decent starting at the lower charge range for lead bullet data and working up from there until I see pressure signs, then backing of and figuring out the best load from there.


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I dont reload, but we had good accuracy using the 139 grain hornady gmx bullets/ammo for 7mm-08.
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I would recommend starting with Barnes load data. It should be accessible on their website. If you don't see a powder that you have on hand send them an email. They have more data then they actually publish.


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I no longer reload and have tried most of the major manufactures non toxic ammo in my 7 mm-08 and it shoots all of them very well. They have all been 139 or 140gr. Each gun is different but the 7 mm- 08s I have dealt with have all been very accurate. Great choice going with the 7 mm-08. After I shoot the stuff I currently have I will give the 120 gr a try.

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