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Feb 8, 2010
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30,000 acre privately owned ranch in Northeastern Sonora state, of stunning, pristine scenery, less than 60 miles from the Arizona border at Douglas, is opening up its gates for Gould's Turkey hunts this April and May. The ranch has an elevation that ranges from 3,200 ft in the canyons to 7,400 in the mountains. The ranch also has a very healthy population of Gould's Turkey, most of which inhabit riparian river beds at mid-elevation levels.

We are opening up the ranch and offering hunting of this magnificent trophy, the grand slam of Turkey hunting. We plan on harvesting a maximum of 6-8 birds. The hunting season is April through May. This is the first time in six years that we are opening up the ranch to Gould's turkey hunts, meaning that our turkey population is unstressed, unhunted and plentiful. You will find very good size birds.

Our price per hunter is $1,350 for one turkey, unguided. Guided hunts are $1,550 This includes 5 days at the ranch, which is some of the most scenic and pristine land anywhere, along with your personal host, driver and cook. All food (three meals/day, beverages and snacks) and lodging is included (at a high quality lodge), as is roundtrip transportation from Tucson or Douglas, Arizona. There is an additional $200 charge for gun permits, licenses, and tags as well, and this includes taking care of all paperwork and red tape upon crossing the border.

We are also willing to listen to offers for unguided hunts where you bring your own food and transportation and take care of your own paperwork.

Non-hunter companions are welcome to join you for $350 for the five day hunt, meals, lodging, transportation included.

Anyone interested please contact us via email. Also visit the link below which is our hunting and fishing blog with more information, details, photos and prices. Be sure to visit our link to the ranch's ecotourism website where you can see the beauty and unspoiled surroundings you will enjoy, as well as pics and video of the ranch and its lodges.


I will also be very happy to answer any questions you may have. We will close the hunting window once all available tags are reserved. (A non-refundable deposit of $600 guarantees the reservation of a hunt).

Also, we are planning on leasing the ranch for the Fall/Winter Coues deer hunting season on a group or individual basis, for about 8 Coues deer. Email for more information. Our website has more details.

Additionally, we are bordered by isolated, pristine Lake Angostura, a 20 mile long lake with great large mouth bass fishing and stunning scenery. Due to its isolation, there is never a boat on the lake and the fish population is never stressed. We are the only group with lodges and accommodations and fishing operations in the area. If this interests you, we will design a package for your needs. If interested, email us and let's talk. This land is an outdoorsmen's playground.

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