Two Maine men held after hunters wounded


Mar 11, 2001
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May 14, 2002

Two held after hunters wounded

By JEN FISH, Portland Press Herald Writer

LYMAN — Two men were shot and wounded early Monday after they were mistaken for a wild turkey by two other hunters, authorities said. Richard LaFlamme, 29, of Arundel and Stephan Pelletier, 37, of Biddeford were hit with pellets from a shotgun after the other hunters heard a turkey call in a local field and thought it was a real bird.

The other hunters - Larry Inniss, 63, of Arundel and Edgar White, 70, of Kennebunkport - are facing felony charges of failing to aid an injured person and failure to report a hunting accident. Authorities say the two men did nothing to help once they realized their error.

"This isn't an accident where it happened by chance," said Mark Latti, spokesman for the Maine Warden Service. "There were certain actions by the people who were arrested that directly led to two people being injured.

"I don't think there was any intent to injure someone, but they did fail to aid someone who was hurt," Latti said.

The incident began about 6 a.m. Monday while LaFlamme and Pelletier were turkey hunting in a field off Old North Berwick Road.

The two men set up a female turkey decoy in the middle of the field and were lying on the ground behind it. They were dressed from head-to-toe in camouflage to avoid being seen by the turkeys, which have very good eyesight.

About 6:30 a.m., Inniss and White were driving down Old North Berwick Road when they spotted the decoy. Thinking it was a real turkey, the two parked their truck and walked into the woods to hunt the bird.

The two hunters circled around the field, coming up behind the prone LaFlamme and Pelletier, who were using a turkey-calling device to entice a male turkey to the female decoy.

Inniss was about 80 yards away when he fired one shot from his 12-gauge shotgun at the sounds and movements coming from the two hunters calling for turkeys, said Latti.

LaFlamme cried out that he was hit, and Pelletier told authorities he saw one of the two other men while he and LaFlamme were on the ground.

By the time Pelletier got up, the two men were gone. Pelletier went to the road and flagged down a motorist, who he asked to watch for anyone else coming out of the woods.

LaFlamme was able to walk, and the two men called an ambulance with their cellular phone.

Less than a half-hour later, Inniss and White emerged from the woods near the field and were arrested. Both men had permits to hunt turkeys, Latti said.

Failing to aid an injured person and failure to report a hunting accident are Class C felonies punishable by up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine, Latti said. Inniss and White are being held at York County Jail on $200,000 bail each.

LaFlamme was in stable condition Monday at Maine Medical Center in Portland after sustaining shotgun pellet wounds to the head, face, neck and back. Pelletier had one pellet removed from his back, and was released from Southern Maine Medical Center in Biddeford, officials said.

Pelletier declined to talk about the incident when contacted at home Monday.

Monday's incident was the first hunting accident of the year, said Latti, and the first in the 16-year history of turkey hunting in the state.

"The bulk of the incidents occur in the fall when there are more hunters out for bird and deer hunting," he said.

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I'm speechless. In a perfect world they would award the guy who was wounded a freebie shot at both of these clowns out in some hog pen somewhere and then just leave the 2 clowns for the hogs to clean up.



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Apr 27, 2002
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yeah theres no excuse for this. first of all they failed to id the target as a legal bird and second they must have realized the seriousness of what they did. to walk away and hide constitutes grounds for serious retaliation. i would hope that before their houses burn down the windows and doors were boarded shut. or at the very least they should be taken to the vet and  fixed so they could never reproduce more of their own kind.


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Mar 27, 2002
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People like that should never be allowed in the woods.
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