U.S. Patent for sale or Lease or Partnership


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I hold a U.S. Patent no. 7,216,553 B2 with 19 (approved & proven) claims.
It's for a precision drag scale.
Willing to Sell, Lease or partner up with someone who manufactures.
I already have sporting goods i.e. tackle shops willing to put it on their shelves if we can produce it.
I do have working proto types.

Where's Bruce?

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Justa a suggestion...don't take on a partner! Go get the sales, fund the business by using advances on your purchase orders (venture capitalist) and retain complete control. Assuming you have the drive, ambition and know-how...it is far more rewarding to do it yourself and frankly, partnerships will drive ya nuts. Be the king. Once you have a little inventory and sales...you can sell the business if you like. patents alone are worth nothing w/o a history of sales success. That may or may not be possible depending on your scale, its price points, profitability and how competitors can impact you.

Disclaimer: This advice may be worth every penny it cost you.

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