UK grouse hunters attacked by masked animal extremists


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"Both anglers and grouse shooting parties should be aware of the threat to them and they should have contingencies in place to protect themselves."[/b]
Yeah, it's called extra shells. Shoot the *&^%*&$ !!


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Why don't the police arrest them. they were being abusive destroying property. I would have beat them with my gun or whip them with my fishing pole.I like the pepper spray Idea to.The big ones like on dog bounty hunter.


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I agree their issue isn't wildlife and nature, it's hating people and what they like to do that is their problem.

35 to 2 isnt good odds, but that crap wouldn't fly with this guy.



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Wow, those anti's are pretty aggressive. I post on a stalking forum that is primarily made up of hunters from the UK and I didn't see anything about this.

O.k., I see why now. The OP is from August of 2006. That's old news for them by now.



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What a shame but unfortunatly in GB the right of self defense does not existm even if a 12gauge with rubber buck shot is the way to go with this kind of people!!!!


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No need to go that far across the pond...I have been harassed here in Northern CA! Nothing like in the article or I'll be in jail now, but that shit happens here as well...good thing is that I always carry a can of bear pepper spray


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I grew up in England and it's socialist central. They have more red tape than california could manufacture. Can you imagine the reaction they would get if any of us were out shooting and they rolled up. As Cedric the Entertainer once said, "I wish a [email protected]#$%^% would!" Man, those extemists wouldn't make it over here. I love America.

That's just a bunch of sad people with no hobbies. I don't have the time or money for all the stupid hobbies I wanna do. Losers.
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